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It’s Time To Stop The "Newspapers Are Dying” Meme

August 27, 2014

Print advertising is definitely going away, but the assumption that print legacy media is dying along with it is misguided. It conflates format and content. Reports of its death continue to be greatly exaggerated. Read more

This Week's Subscription Economy News: EA, SoundCloud, Lynda.Com, RTL Nederland, Skully

August 25, 2014

This week's Subscription Economy news: EA, SoundCloud, Lynda.Com, RTL Nederland, Skully Read more

Zuora's Tyler Sloat on the CFO Thought Leader Podcast

August 22, 2014

Our CFO Tyler Sloat recently sat down with CFO Thought Leader for a wide-ranging discussion entitled "Why Now is the Time to Join the Subscription Economy." Some highlights: On the Subscription Economy: “Besides a dynamic market and an amazing product,... Read more

The Zuora ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 21, 2014

Tien Tzuo and several brave ZEOs have answered the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Guy Nirpaz of Totango. We are also very happy to be donating to the ALS organization. We hereby challenge Parker Harris, Aaron Levie, and Maynard Webb.... Read more

We’re good at rolling with adjustments. And now you get to pick which direction to roll.

August 20, 2014

Monika Saha Product Marketing Director Things seldom follow a happy, straightforward path. And that’s even more true for subscription businesses, where subscribers often change plans, shift dates, stop subscriptions, or even (God forbid) fail to pay you for the wonderful... Read more

Gillette Jumps Into The Subscription Economy

August 19, 2014

By Samuel Cravens In 2012 Michael Dubin, the founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, posted a now-famous YouTube video. His company received over 12,000 orders in 48 hours before their servers melted down. Soon afterwards, Proctor & Gamble (the... Read more

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