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LeBronShift, Cleveland

July 25, 2014

Cleveland-based OnShift makes software that helps long-term care and senior living facilities take great care of their residents and their staff. They have an intuitive, elegant solution that helps facilities improve their services while effectively managing their costs. We’re very... Read more

Upcoming Webinar: Determining Your Pricing Strategy

July 23, 2014

Open View Labs recently posted this jaw-dropping chart detailing the results of a pricing strategy survey aimed at Saas startups. The 18% answer speaks for itself. Another alarming statistic: 41% of the time pricing is determined by just the founders,... Read more

The Subscription-Based MBA

July 21, 2014

By Gabe Weisert, Content Marketing Manager The MBA program of the future might consist of 10 months on campus followed by a lifetime subscription of proprietary online courses. That’s the compelling thesis of a new paper from two professors at... Read more

Subscription Economy Headlines

July 18, 2014

By Gabe Weisert, Content Marketing Manager Here are some of the bigger Subscription Economy stories we’ve been following this week. While tech & media companies tend to get most of the headlines, it’s important to note that recurring revenue models... Read more

Today’s Newly Empowered Realtor

July 17, 2014

By Gabe Weisert, Content Marketing Manager Thanks to the advent of powerful new platforms like Zillow and Trulia, today’s house hunters are hyper-informed about a variety of arcane data points that could previously only be found buried in proprietary databases... Read more

Infographic: The Triumphant Rise of the Subscription Model

July 15, 2014

Here's an excellent infographic from Bluehost on the basics of subscription models, focusing primarily on business-to-consumer companies. It's also important to note that recurring revenue models have powerful applications across pretty much every industry vertical you can think of: software,... Read more

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